BPOS roadmap 2010 – 2011

About two years ago I started working on building a relationship with Microsoft and their BPOS offering. Last week we have been informed on the roadmap for the next 2 years. Because it is now published on the Mary-Jo Foley weblog, I can share it also with you.


Note that BPOS is available in a ‘dedicated’ and ‘standard’ way of delivery. In ‘dedicated’ the customer gets its own set of hardware in the Microsoft datacenter. In ‘standard’, the service is run from a shared hardware platform in a Microsoft datacenter. Both versions are available through a reseller or directly from Microsoft, however Microsoft will not integrated BPOS with your existing application platform. This is the responsibility of your own IT department or system integrator. Selected SI’s will be able to provide BPOS in a reseller construction, allowing for the SI to deliver and invoice BPOS through a single vendor construction.

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