Courier killed

03-05-10courier News:

Microsoft executives have confirmed that the project around the development of a touch and/or stylus based 2-screen tablet “Courier” has been stopped.

Microsoft Corporate VP of communications, Mr. Frank Shaw:

At any given time, we’re looking at new ideas, investigating, testing, incubating them. It’s in our DNA to develop new form factors and natural user interfaces to foster productivity and creativity. The Courier project is an example of this type of effort. It will be evaluated for use in future offerings, but we have no plans to build such a device at this time.”

I feel disappointed. Courier bundled a lot of new and innovative ideas and the available information on the device showed great potential for a mobile workforce.

I blogged several times about it and promised myself to be an early adopter as soon as the device would be launched.

Maybe something secret is still lurking within Microsoft, but an iPad (without the current shortcomings) looks to be the most innovative device at the moment and worth a second look (maybe….).

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1 thought on “Courier killed”

  1. According to many, the fact that Courier was potentially embarquing an intel processor is a root of the issues related to power consumption in the HP Slate which was pion,eering for the Courier. Believe it or not, Paul, but I would have been an early adopter too, as on the paper Courier outreached the IPad by far.

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